Climate Data Catalogue

WMO Catalogue for Climate Data

The WMO Climate Data Catalogue lists global, regional, and national datasets, as well as climate indicator datasets, that have been assessed by data managers for the quality of their management and stewardship. All climate services, from data provision through seasonal climate forecasting, to the monitoring of, and adaptation to, climate variability and change, as well as disaster risk reduction, depend on high quality and well-managed climate data. Consistently assessing how well the data are managed is one way to establish or demonstrate the trustworthiness of the data. Dataset self-assessments can be performed with the WMO Stewardship Maturity Matrix for Climate Data (SMM-CD) and the subsidiary SMM-CD for National and Regional Purposes (SMM-CD_NRP) and allow managers to discover WMO recommended data stewardship practices, determine a roadmap for future development and improvement, as well as compare their process against other data providers. The rationale behind the construction of these stewardship maturity matrices is described in the following peer-reviewed paper: ‘Guidance Booklet: WMO Stewardship Maturity Matrix for Climate Data’, published in 2023.

Self-assessment templates can be downloaded with the following links: Global (SMM-CD), Regional & National (SMM-CD_NRP).  A Guidance Manual Booklet is available for users to help complete the templates. 

If you are interested in adding your dataset(s) to the catalogue please send a message with assessment attached to 'contact'.